Big Chief/Rock Bull
Rock bull
Class Intermediate
Type Big Server
Age 28
From USA
Tennis Tiers Tennis Tier III (Normal)
Tennis Tier V (Costume)
Tennis Legend (Black)
Voiced by English (US):
Stephan Stanton
English (EU):
Wayne Forester
Kenji Nomura
Big Chief (ロック ブル: Rock Bull in Japan and Rock Bull in Europe) is an Intermediate player in the spinoff game Hot Shots Tennis. He is categorised as a "Big Server" due to his powerful serves.


Note: the profile entries are taken from the European game, not the American one.


The 28-year-old star of a TV western. He uses his bulk to drive home killer serves and smashes, and intimidate opponents at the net. His footwork and stroke are weak.



Rock becomes "The Gunman" when he wears his TV costume. The stache works extremely well. Rumour has it he sneaks this out of the dressing room for key matches.


  • Serve: A
  • Stroke: D
  • Volley: B
  • Impact: D
  • Footwork: F
  • Hand: Right



  • He is the only player in the game with a Footwork of F.
    • This also makes him the slowest player in the game.
    • He is also the only Big Server in the game.