Class N/A
Age 27
From Canada
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Voiced by English (US):
Dave Boat
English (UK):
Eric Meyers
Hozumi Gōda
Falcon (ファルコン) in Japan and Europe, is a golfer that was first introduced in Hot Shots Golf Fore!. He is one of the golfers that can be unlocked by playing through VS. Mode.


Power Hitter / Birdman

He has great power and strength. Too bad he's a bit weak with the approach shots. (Character Select)

Falcon's sots are straight and powerful. (VS. Mode)


Hot Shots Golf Fore!:

  • Power: A - 262y
  • Control: B
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: C
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Approach
  • Shot: Straight (Mid)



  • Falcon is one of the five golfers to appear in all versions of Hot Shots Golf Fore!, with the other four being Sam, MisakiChaos, and Z.
  • Falcon's personality in the North American version of Hot Shots Golf Fore! is very different compared to the European version, as well as in the original Japanese version. In this version, his personality is a lot more wacky, so he could fit in with the American localization of the game at the time. In the latter two versions, he is portrayed to be a bit more serious.