Class Expert
Age 24
From Russia
Height 5'4"
Weight 105 lbs (HSG: OoB)
106 lbs (HSG: WI)
Likes Collecting perfume
Dislikes Sunburn, Noise
Voiced by English:
Maria Darling
Hot Shots Tennis:
Danielle Judovits (US)
Kikuko Inoue
Gloria (グロリア) is a golfer that was first introduced in the Japanese version of Hot Shots Golf 3 as one of the five boss golfers of the game, with the other four being Douglas, Blue, King, and Rose. Since then, she has appeared in almost every installment of the series, including the two tennis spin-offs. Gloria is an Expert character, and her stats varies through each appearance. She normally has very good control and power. In the American versions of Hot Shots Golf 3 and Fore!, she is replaced by Kamala.


Hot Shots Golf 3: Edit

Crystal Ball / Dark Vision

Gloria is unique darkside player.

She has special "psychic powers" that allowed her to see the outcome or her strokes before she hits.

She will use this power to perfect her shot, so watch out!

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds:Edit

Temptress on the Links

A true Hot Shots staple, Gloria has made an appearance in almost all installments of the franchise (just like Suzuki, but who knows why he always shows up). Back from a victorious career in the tennis world, she's back on the links showing off her seductive gear, powerful drives and lovely smile - unless she hits a  Sand Trap, then she's a beast.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational:Edit

Bombshell Superlady

By popular demand! This Russian-born golfer never stops polishing her slick swing and striking beauty.

She is also an expert tennis player, known for cold-calling promising players and challenging them in person.

Hot Shots Tennis:Edit

North American version


A 22-year-old southern belle with stunning looks and a killer power serve. Gloria is one of North Academy's most loveable students both for her technical skills and charm.


Nightclub Fashion

Gloria's popular costume from her nights at the club. There's nothing wrong with this outfit in today's game, right?!!

European version


A popular Everybody's Golf character.  24 going on... 24. Her reliable technical skills are as hot as her looks, and her weak lob is offset by a kick serve with ace potential.


EGolf Style 1

Gloria's popular costume from Everybody's Golf. There's nothing wrong with this outfit in today's game, right?!!

Summary Edit

Hot Shots Golf 3: Edit

In addition to her mysterious appearance, she also has exceptional control. Her only flaw is a difficulty with sand trap shots. Because impact is more difficult, this character is for advanced golfers.

Hot Shots Golf Fore!: Edit

From Russia with Love / The Power Elite

Tough impact makes her suitable for advanced players. Exceptional control, but difficulty with sand trap shots. (Character Select)

She has great power, control and spin. (VS. Mode)


Hot Shots Golf 3:

  • Power: B - 255y
  • Control: B
  • Impact: C
  • Spin: D
  • Curve: O
  • Shot: Straight (Low)

Hot Shots Golf Fore!:

  • Power: B - 255y
  • Control: B
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: C
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Sand
  • Shot: Straight (Mid)

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds:

  • Power: B - 264y
  • Control: A
  • Impact: E
  • Spin: B
  • Sidespin: D
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Sand Trap

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational:

  • Power: B - 265y
  • Control: B
  • Impact: C
  • Spin: C
  • Sidespin: D
  • Good: Approach
  • Bad: Bunker
  • Shot: Straight (Mid)

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2:

  • Shot Type: Straight (Mid)
  • Power: 276y
  • Control: Lv. 24
  • Spin: Lv. 18
  • Impact: Lv. 12
  • Sidespin: Lv. 16
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Bunker
  • Shot: Straight (Mid)

Hot Shots Tennis:

  • Serve: C
  • Stroke: C
  • Volley: C
  • Impact: D
  • Footwork: D
  • Tennis Tiers: Tennis Tier III (Normal), Tennis Tier V (Costume), Tennis Legend (Black)
In Hot Shots Tennis, Gloria is an Intermediate character, albeit the highest ranking one. She is good at kick serves.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip:

  • Power: B
  • Control: B
  • Speed: C
  • Impact: D
  • Stamina: C
  • Good: Topspin, Volley
  • Bad: Lob



  • Her American and European descriptions from Hot Shots Tennis do not match. In the NA version, it states that she is a 22-year-old student at North Academy. However, in the PAL version, it says nothing about her as a student and states that she is 24.