Class N/A
Age 31
From New York
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Likes Whales, winning, his pediatrician
Dislikes Losing, compliments
Voiced by Hot Shots Golf 3:
Hot Shots Golf Fore!:
Billy Brown
T-Bone (ティーボーンステーキ) is a golfer that was first introduced in the North American version of Hot Shots Golf 3. He was one of the five unlockable boss golfers in the game, with the other four being Kamala, Zeus, Blue, and Louise. T-Bone makes a return in the North American version of Hot Shots Golf Fore! as an unlockable character yet again. In the Japanese version of Hot Shots Golf 3, he is replaced by King.


Hot Shots Golf 3:Edit

Big Daddy / Silent Dog Catcha

T-Bone used to defend his block with a golf club.

Having had extensive practice, T-Bone decided to give up the street and try his hand at a different game, golf!

Watch out, he's got a heck of a swing....


Hot Shots Golf 3:Edit

An awesome golfer with overwhelming power and amazing backspin. Although one of the hardest to handle, he is also a powerful weapon when mastered. For ultra-advanced golfers only.

Hot Shots Golf Fore!: Edit

The Hustler / True Player

Overwhelming power and backspin. For advanced players only, but a powerful weapon when mastered. (Character Select)

Possesses unparalleled power and technique. (VS. Mode)


Hot Shots Golf 3:

  • Power: A - 269y
  • Control: C
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: B
  • Curve: O
  • Shot: Fade (Mid)

Hot Shots Golf Fore!:

  • Power: A - 267y
  • Control: C
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: A
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Approach
  • Shot: Fade (High)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to T-Bone himself, his real name is Tiffany.
  • He apparently retires to Phoenix, AZ in the summer.
  • He is an avid supporter of the Save the Whales Foundation.
  • He always votes Libertarian.