Class N/A
Age 25
From Bulgaria
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Likes Heavy metal, his name, doing nothing, persistent rain, long-term persecution, collecting foreign currency, sudden death
Dislikes Soup, golfers, playing golf, the Pentagon
Voiced by Hot Shots Golf 3:
Hot Shots Golf Fore!:
Steve Blum
Zeus (ゼウス) is a golfer that was first introduced in the North American version of Hot Shots Golf 3. He was one of the five unlockable boss golfers in the game, with the other four being Kamala, Blue, T-Bone, and Louise. Zeus makes a return in the North American version of Hot Shots Golf Fore! as an unlockable character yet again. In the Japanese version of Hot Shots Golf 3, he is replaced by Douglas.


Hot Shots Golf 3:Edit

Cool Club / Evil Control

Zeus is the coolest guy in the darkside clan.

Rumored to be related to Cougar, Zeus has a vast knowledge of the courses and their subtle intricacies.


Hot Shots Golf 3:Edit

The leader of the pack when it comes to control. Impact is also correspondingly more difficult. He has a hard time in the rain.

Hot Shots Golf Fore!:Edit

The Darkness / a.k.a. Judo Sensei

A true power-hitter with exceptional control. Has a hard time producing spins. (Character Select)

A diginified golfer famous for his power shots. (VS. Mode)


Hot Shots Golf 3:

  • Power: A - 260y
  • Control: A
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: E
  • Curve: O
  • Shot: Draw (Low)

Hot Shots Golf Fore!:

  • Power: A - 260y
  • Control: A
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: D
  • Good: None
  • Bad: Rain
  • Shot: Draw (Low)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Zeus used to be the governor of Kentucky.
  • His favorite day is Doomsday.
  • It is possible that he is an alien from another planet, as he describes Earth, the planet where everyone plays golf, as "boring" and frequently warns the humans to be on the lookout.